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Fashion has always been present in Natalia’s life, and the main person responsible for her interest in this colorful world is her mother. During her childhood at the school’s carnival parties, Natalia’s mother always created her costumes. She usually bought the simplest inexpensive costumes and then added details and customized them with different trim, sequins, and embroidery. As Natalia grew up, she had helped her mother to design and create concepts and silhouettes for her carnival costumes each year.


When she became an adult, this childhood interest was easily translated into her love for the fashion world. For this reason, Natalia chooses to study Fashion Design in Recife which is the city she was born in. It was during her college experience that Natalia discovered her passion to design Children’s garments.  She could find herself in the kids’ universe full of colors and possibilities.


It was diving into the creative children’s wear atmosphere that Natalia realized how fashion can be closely associated with freedom and comfort. She has felt freedom through her designs informing consumers that fashion isn’t about judgments. It can be a tool to mobilize people to think about environmental and social issues because Natalia believes that fashion has the ability to influence people through positive messages.


Based upon Fashion Product Development MFA course at Academy of Arts University, Natalia decided to use her knowledge to show the public that a conscious fashion means to create garments that can be stylish, respect nature, are highly durable, and non-allergenic.